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Is Authorize.Net also a merchant account provider?

I read this page online merchant account and got a bit confused on whether Authorize.Net provides a one-stop payment solution. The test account does appear to function like an online merchant bank account. But based on the information provided in the link, it seems that I have to liase with individual reseller to set up a merchant account so that I can start receive payment. Does that mean that the reseller will provide another login interface similar to the one shown on the test account or I get two separate interfaces?


Also, from the list, it appears that all the providers are based in the US. If my company is located in Asia, will I still be able to receive payment or do I have to open a bank account in the US?


Hi Qwerty, is not a merchant account provider. When you think of, think of it exactly the way you think of a physical credit card terminal sitting on a counter in a retail store.'s only job is to securely collect credit card numbers, and store them until they are "settled," or "Batched," which simply means the file is sent on to a merchant processor who will then send each individual transaction to its proper place for collection. 


So yes, in order to take payments online, you will also need a merchant account. But - one other thing you should be aware of is that the merchant account and the account will need to be "integrated," which is a fancy way of saying they will need to be able to "talk" to each other. Some merchant providers have absolutely no idea how to do this and it can take days, weeks, in some cases months for them to figure it out. 


With regard to your interfaces; you will have two. One for, and one for whichever merchant processor you work with. If your company is in Asia, I would suggest that you have a bank account in the US. It will make getting a merchant account much easier. 


Hope this helps!



Mike Faulkingham

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Member, as CCMike pointed out, is not a merchant provider, it's an API / reporting layer that sits on top of a merchant system. However, Cybersource, the parent company of, does offer merchant accounts.