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Is it safe to not pass poNumber?



We are integrated with Authorize.Net API to allow different Authorize.Net merchants collect payments in our system.


We pass poNumber for payments and refunds.
One of our customers reported that payments are not being processed. Even when Authorize.Net API returns infromation that transactions were processed properly.

The customer contacted Electronic Merchant Systems and they recommended to avoid passing PO number.


Could someone explain if passing poNumber is required? 
Could we skip passing poNumber without risk that it may affect other merchants payments and refunds?


The only information which we could find about poNumber in Authorize.Net documentation does not resolve our doubts.


The merchant-assigned purchase order number.

If you use purchase order numbers, your solution should generate the purchase order number and send it with your transaction requests. does not generate purchase order numbers.



Thank you Doris69 for your reply.


So you mean that it is safe to not pass poNumber?