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Is it true that Github slows developer production



I'm contracting with a company that has an internal development team about 8 people total.

We are building a pretty complex codeignitor application, with jQuery and MYSQL. Lots of custom features, user roles, data analytics/reporting.(CRUD on steroids?)

Anyway, I found some security bugs, and after the developers fixed via recommendations. There were other bugs that came.

Upon having a meeting, im finding they have no version control besides their ticketing systems history.

I recommended we start using github, then the lead developer says that at this point using a tool like github will cause too much overhead and slow feature development, ticket fixes, etc...

In Summary im asking, as a developer do you really think using github hurts your personal production?




In my experience on medium-large teams, assuming you don't have to "train" anyone on using git, there is a learning curve with the more "advanced" git operations, such as rebase. I've spent days rebasing a botched branch.

However I wouldn't consider that it "slows down my productivity", considering I'm not even sure what someone who isn't using a VCS would do in my situation.. I'm curious how OP's team manages concurrent feature development or large ongoing implementations - 8 people is way too large of a team to not rely on some kind of version control.