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Is response code the same for AIM and CIM

Is the response code the same for AIM and CIM?  I have a AIM shopping cart and it checks if "1" or "4" is returned.  But in my CIM method it returns "I001" ok.

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I got it finally. I wasn't sire how to get the individual values of the string. Here it is. I tested it and can get any value now by changing the number in [0].


$splitted = explode(',', $xml->directResponse);
echo  $splitted[0] .

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4=This transaction is being held for review.  (AIM)

1=This transaction has been approved. (AIM)


I00001 = Successful The request was processed successfully. (CIM)



What is the code for transaction held for review in CIM?

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Read the XML pdf

Page 83

Yes I have read that but it didnt have the answer I was looking for. How about page 112?

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Is the directResponse, it the same response as AIM

Not sure what you are writing. There are some words missing or I am comprehending your response.

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Sorry didn't want to copy and paste what in the pdf

page 83

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<createCustomerProfileTransactionResponse xmlns="AnetApi/xml/v1/schema/
<directResponse>1,1,1,This transaction has been
approved.,000000,Y,2000000001,INV000001,description of
transaction,10.95,CC,auth_capture,custId123,John,Doe,,123 Main
Main St.,Bellevue,WA,98004,USA,1.00,0.00,2.00,FALSE,PONUM000001,

 See the directResponse node. That the same response if you use AIM.




Ok thanks for the info. But maybe I am just getting the terms response code and result code confused.

The documentation for AIM says 4=This transaction is being held for review.

I am not concerned with the result of "OK" or "Success".

1=This transaction has been approved. (AIM)


I don't see anything in the CIM documentaton that there is a similar message and code for "4"

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That ok mean the CIM process successfully. You will have to look at the directResponse to get the response.

Ok so its the direct response code I should be looking for. So 1="success"  4="This transaction is being held for review".   IS that correct? This is the same for AIM and CIM?

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