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Is there any GitHub Project using Angular 5/6 using Accept?

I'm working on new website using Angular 6 and we need to include a payment webpage using  Is there an example on how to do this using "Accept Hosted" or "Accept.js"?


Or is there a better way to integrate into our new website?


Thanks in advance.


I haven't used Authorize's JS at all (and I wouldn't ever trust their code on my website), but I do know Angular. And my guess is that you'd need to write your own definition file (.d.ts) for the API you're using so that typescript doesn't complain about references you make to it. How you would then bundle Accept with your app is dependent on the build system you use. I use webpack and all the noise that comes with it, so that I'm a little less familiar with the angular way (after 1.x). But you can probably just refer to the API through a global var and include the accept.js as another script or whatever.