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Issue using Simple Checkout with iPad

I am not a developer .. .jsut a customer ..


i came across this message when searching for a solution to my problem..


I use the Simple checkout feature to request payments from customers thru email.... they click the button it takes them to my page and they pay ... easy enough ...


Well I have had 6 transactions already that i have lost because customers cannot use their iPad to make a payment thru simple checkout. I signed on less than 2 weeks ago! My average sale is $636 .. so that is over $3600 in business i have lost in just 2 weeks because customers could not pay from their iPad ..


obviously a couple im sure went and paid at a later time thru their PC or MAC .. but the fact that my customers cannot give me money thru the method they prefer to give it to me is a major concern.


again, im just a small business ... with only 2 weeks on board with ... but i will be cancelling within the next 30 days if this is not solved. 


It is insane that in 2013 a company of your size does not allow online payments from an iPad..


Hello Dhobrath,


I moved your comment to it's own thread so it would get more attention.  It would be helpful if you could provide any further details on the errors the customer's may have seen to help troubleshoot.


Did you create this yourself, was it implemented by a developer?



Administrator Administrator

i used a button with the  simple chekcout.


when i called tech support they told me that iPad's and Mobile devices do not work with ...


anytime that someone clicks the button form an iPad or Mobile Device .. (i embed the button within an emailed invoice) it takes them to a screen that says "the item is no longer available"


I hope this helps ..


I just try one with a test item on the test server on a web page, it works fine except the security code image is not working on the payment form.

Sound like the the linkID got change on a ipad email client. can you copy and paste the button source and see if it is wrong?

raynor -


here is the code ... 


<form action="" method="post" name="PrePage">
<input name="LinkId" type="hidden" value="456cc3e7-b235-47ce-94ca-a84f752fd0e9" /> <input type="submit" value="Make Payment" />&nbsp;</form>

That look like a code from the merchant account which work fine. Can you get the code that used with the email that ipad having issue with?

im not sure what code you want?


that is the same code that is used in every email ... whether its an ipad, phone, or computer opening the email .. its all automated so its not like there is any user error inputing the email.


dont know what to tell you other than its not compatible as it is currently setup.



It might be better if you instead of having a form post inside on an email. Create a link to a webpage that have the form post.


It look like some email client doesn't like a form post

Yes, it's a bad idea to have forms in emails since they'll sometimes be disabled by clients, webmails, etc. or the person is viewing in text-only mode and can't use the form anyway since it's HTML. Always use a link.