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Magento 2.4 depreciated



Is there an api for Magento 2.4?  Thanks for your attention.


I would also like to know if there is any plan to support Magento 2.4?


I tried clarifying this using the vendor contact details on Magento Marketplace and am still waiting for a response 3 weeks later...


The way it works, I think, is software companies build extensions. I could be wrong in magentos case. It may be that the extensions for magento are built by vs a third party. In any case, I would say that for sure there will be an extension for any version of magento.

Here is your process:
1st go to integrations page. Find out which integrations are supported and which are deprecated.
Currently accept hosted, accept js, API, etc are the supported (I.e. not deprecated) integrations
2nd look for magento extensions, plugins, etc for
3rd for any extension you find check what integration method it uses
Look for ones that use the supported integration methods

Note that the answer to this question is ultimately always “yes” as you can hire a programmer for custom work. Any extension you have can have the source code altered to support a new integration method. The downside is this tends to be expensive.



I hope you are all safe from COVID-19.  Magento 2.4 depreciated  Is there an API?  Is the extension on Magento Marketplace compatible with 2.4? It states 2.3x. 


All suggestions welcome 


Thanks for your attention.