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Merchant defined fields in email to customer

Is it possible to do this using the email to a customer?  Or do I need to design my own and send it from our server?




If you want to customize the email you'll need to send your own. But that's a good thing as this will allow you to personalize it and make it more professional looking.

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Hello I was searching the forums and came accross your response to this post, 


I was just reading the AIM Guide PDF and have a question: if you send a custom email using your form upon submit  you cant use any of the fields you use for the information going to Am i correct? Or am i reading this wrong


So I will need to have basically two separate forms one for the event  registration info that i want to send the custom email with name address info, event signed up for and what ever custom field info I have and thhen I have to have a separate billing info section with basically the same info minus the class info plus the payment info which would probably be the same address name phone info plus card details?   So allthe billing info only goes to authorize separately I cant use the same name address info?


this is the section Im talking about;   

 Merchant-defined data fields are not intended to and must not be used to

capture personally identifying information. Accordingly, the merchant is

prohibited from capturing, obtaining, and/or transmitting any personally

identifying information in or by means of the merchant-defined data fields.

Personally identifying information includes, but is not limited to, name, address,

credit card number, social security number, driver's license number, stateissued

identification number, passport number, and card verification numbers


If you are using AIM, you are already capturing all the customer info on your server.

So what does that section on teh AIM guide mean?

It probably copy and paste from another API, but it really doesn't matter since for AIM, all CC info are capture on your server, so there isn't any point of using merchant defined fields.

still confused becasue  the infomation you capture and send to authroize would have to be the field names they require correct? Just trying to get a clarification. If my pament form includes, First Name, Last Name, Adressed etc and the filed are namd so that Authroize with received them in that system I want to use the same fields for my custom email to the customer and dont want it to be a problem

oh now i get it, i was misreading the info...i was thinking the Merchant Defined Fields were the Default API fieldnames and that they were saying you couldnt use those same field names to sent the info for your custom email,..thats why i was like how the heck do you not use the fields they say you have to use to send them the info in the first place,... I thought I was going to have to have separate billing address info when i am only doing event registration so i dont need a shipping info section.


Basically i will have the name and address info the custom event fieds pertaining to the specifi event and then the  credit info and on successful submit the card is verified and the event registration info only details  are emailed to user and admin