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Monthly Subscriptions, and ShareASale



This is a two part question, and one that is going to be intentionally broad because I am looking at the abilities of these systems right now, not the implementation.  If you guys need some technical info I can get it from our developer.


My main question is we currently run subscriptions to our SaaS product through for our site, but we want to start an affiliate program through Share a Sale.  Is this possible, and is it going to be fairly stable straight out of the box?


The second question, a fairly logical follow on, is there any documentation for this kind of set up? I have searched all over and can't seem to find anything, which generally means that putting these too systems together is insanely easy, or that this is so hard to do, that nobody even bothers to ask the question!


Any advice here would be much appreciated.




If by affiliate program you mean some way of transferring money from you back out to the affiliates, no. is a merchant system, and for money transfers unrelated to a transaction, you need something tied into the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) system. Your bank, at least the larger branches, can probably supply you with something that allows you to pre-set recipients through a control panel, then automatically transfer money from your bank account to their bank account every so often from your web site., however, is not that solution.