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Implement subscription waiting list with ARB?

Was just about to finish development of a C# ASP.Net app using the AuthorizeNet.dll that allows users to subscribe (ARB) to a finite amount of product available each month.  My customer just asked me to implement a subscription waiting list so that I can activate a group of customers once a certain threshold has been reached.


In other words, there are only 100 units available, so there can be only 100 customers.  But if 100 customers are on the waiting list, another 100 units can be made available, but not until then.


I do not want to save credit cards locally, and would prefer not to have to ask customers to come back later to input their cc info because the required threshold might not get met.


Any ideas on how best to implement this?  Just enter the subscription and reset the subscription start date each month until the threshold has been met?


Thanks for any input you might have!



use CIM, and do you own scheduling.


Thanks for the suggestion.


Problem is, app is ready to launch using ARB.  This was a last minute add-on and I really don't want to rewrite the whole thing if I don't have to.  Just hoping there's a quick/easy solution so we can launch.

How long can the waiting list last? 


Just like you said, set it to a future start day(haven't see any max, try set it 10 years in the future?) and change it once it is ready.

It can last indefinitely, but using my example above, once 100 new customers are in the queue, they can be converted to active subscriptions.


Good idea, setting it far into the future.  That would keep us from having to reset it each month.  Thx.