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Need help with checkout system and report

hey every1,

I need help with checkout system and need help with report of transaction.

when some sellers sells product 1000 USD and when some1 buys his listing at the available winning bid or buy now price. Me the owner of website only charges that buyer 10% of the price and also charges the seller 10% of the price he sold.
I need something where i can always change this values also. so actually the buyer is only paying 10% of shown and won price.

and then i need some system where i can pull information on admin panel of main owner of site.. who sold what item to whom... there both contact details.

- one more feature. all the sellers need to enter credit card information before selling any item. and here it works like... if that seller listed auction/buynow... didnt he able to sold @ day 61 after listning the item... i want him to get charge by certain percentage of the amount he trying to sell... 10%

how should i do please pm me i need ur help


The best way to do this would be to set the seller up with a CIM (Customer Information Manager) profile and billing profile. This will allow you to charge him for any amount at any time without him having to re-enter his credit card information. You can do the same with the seller, if you don't mind having him enter his credit card information up front when he bids, or you can use AIM for a one-time charge every time he wins a bid.


As for tracking transaction information - you can get a lot of specifics on transactions by using the Transaction Details API in combination with transaction ID's. However, how the transactions relate to each other is something you're going to have to work out on your end - at minimum I'd recommend storing the transaction amount, transaction date, and transaction ID every time you make a charge, and if you're charging against a CIM profile, the profile ID. This will of course require database experience and a knowledge of how the auction system works.


If you have no idea how to do any of this, you should probably hire a programmer who's familiar with auction sites or a premade auction system. isn't that hard to learn (as long as people are responding promptly to questions here...), but auctions themselves can be quite complex.


Thanks a lot i will get into this and let you update. please help me with this.


thanks again tj