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New User - Having Issues with Duplicate Transactions across Multiple Gateways

Good evening,


We are having issues when taking payments where occasioanlly we will have a payment submitted for a customer and the payment will go to its original gateway plus and additonal gateway as a duplicate transaction. It always overwrites another transaction so one customer is changed twice for thier sale and the other appears to be wiped out. When we review the logs where the transaction is submitted, everything appears correct. Its a rare instance in the 100's of tranactions we process daily, but it appears to be more frequent as our volume increases.


I am not a developer, but have access to ours so I can provide answers to any questions you may have to help solve this issue.


Any help is greatly appreciated.




Hello @zulkowaj


Could you explain more about what you mean by multiple gateways?  And what software are you using to accept payments to process them with Authorize.Net?



Administrator Administrator
Thanks for replying Richard,

We have an authorize.Net gateway for each of our clients and the application is custom built using the API. We were thinking the crossing happens because there isn't any type of polling or queueing built it, but are not sure of the best way to accomplish that.


Which API are you using? CIM? AIM? SIM? the new API?

How are you switching between different clients account? Do they have seperate apps/connections?

It the code thread safe?

Where the duplicate happend it is always the second on overwrite the first one?

We are using AIM


We do not have a seperate app/connections for each client. We switch which merchant the payment goes to by the account that is currently presented in the application. Each time an account is loaded in our application we retrieve information from our database which changes the gateway id and credentials. Then when a payment is submitted we use those credentials and credit card information entered to send an httpwebrequest to Authorize.Net.


Currently its one application.


Not sure if code is thread could that be determined?


When the duplcate happens, the first file overwrites the second one which accourding to the logs is submitted at exactly the same time.



Anbody have additional ideas?



Have you developer look at their code. Or simply do a new connection for each transaction if they don't know why/what it causing the duplication.