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Unlinked Credit and ACH

I was wondering if I could allow money to pay-out using  I understand authroize is met to accept online payments only (and refunds).  However, I know there is the "Unlinked Credit" feature.  I know this is not standard and you must get approved to use the feature.


I'm building a site in which I need to be able to send money to another person (bank account).  I would like to use Authorize for this method if possible.  My question is, since using the Unlinked Credit feature would be very common on the site, would I get declined based on this?


I understand the risk in such things.  And I'm looking into ACH offered by banks.  However, I'm still not sure how ACH will work in this model I'm creating.


Any additional information would be great.


Thank you.


Unlinked credit is not for money transfers. Using it as such on a regular basis will likely get your account suspended. You need to integrate something designed specifically for money transfers.


Thank you for the response TJPride.  That is exsatly what I needed to know.  Would there be anything out there which can handle this that come to mind?

Nope, haven't actually implemented something like this myself. I know what to look for based on what I've read, but besides that your guess is as good as mine.

I want to send an amount that was actually charged from a credit card  to a bank account. Is that possible with


I have tried with refundTransaction but it requires valid transaction id and credit card number.

But that amount was actually debited from a credit card.


Anyone please reply. I am stuck on that.

Member is for merchant payment process.