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Newbie setting up sim error 99

I'm just switching over to SIM from another payment gateway. I can process payments from my virtual terminal with no problem, however when I try from my website I get a error 99.  First, I was getting an error 97 which has to do with timestamp.  After playing around in x-cart with the configuration of the timezone differences, I think I finally corrected that issue but now it gives me the "99".  

I received a new transaction key, to no avail.

What am I missing?



The fingerprint is generated from login ID, transaction key, fp sequence (some random or invoice number), timestamp, and amount. Without rooting through the guts of your cart, I really have no idea which of these is going wrong, however, assuming you don't have the wrong login ID or transaction key (you'd be surprised how many people mess those up).


In any case, have you tried posting in the X-Cart forum? This is really more their responsibility, I would think.


I have checked and rechecked the login ID & transaction key so I'm pretty sure they are ok.  

I have posted on the X-Cart forum, they are of little help.  I've been bouncing back & forth between authorize & x-cart for two weeks now and just can't get this figured out.  So frustrating!