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Not able to #import Authorize.Net header file

I followed the instruction on this site and dragged and dropped the XCode project file of the SDK but still am not able to reference the Header files in the xcode project. I am trying to do a #import for AuthNet.h but not able to load it even though the project is in my Project. I also tried to put it in the workspace and still cannot import.


I am using XCode 5 DP6 using iOS7 SDK and developing for iOS6 and iOS7.



Hello ankurmytime,


Our mobile team has some information that may help.


Because we're unsure how you are setting up your project, the easiest way for the might be to copy the Header and implementation files into their project directly. (Without ANetSDK as a dependent project.)


Right Click on the project and add the folder which contains the header and implementation files. Although, this way lead to some compile time errors because our SDK is not ARC compliant. (Which can be remedied by turning off ARC explicitly for these files in the project settings.)


Please note: Our SDK is not currently ARC compliant nor does support XCode 5 inherently.



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