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Order line items sending issue with magento store,

I have magento website and i want to push Order Line items multplal to order information. At the moment magento does not support to push order line items when order place, but i want this for client. So i did tried to push order items but i got only one item with order receipt even i did to send more than one order line items with order. So i believe there are some post data format issue. I did tried below way : $request is payment post data prepare request using php code. I am able to send one order line item with below : $request->XLineItem = "item1<|>golf balls<|><|>2<|>18.95<|>Y"; I did tried to push more than one Order Line items than it's not support within my code and override with other items. I did tried to combaine items using "&", but not working like below. $request->XLineItem = "item1<|>golf balls<|><|>2<|>18.95<|>Y&item2<|>golf balls<|><|>2<|>18.95<|>Y&item3<|>golf balls<|><|>2<|>18.95<|>Y"; But not working. Is there any json format require ? Is there any HTML form for posting data with Order Line items format ? Can you please guide me as soon as possible?

Hello @ashvinvis


It appears your magento integration with Authorize.Net uses our older AIM NVP API that is now deprecated.  However, if you wish to read further on how to submit line item details, please refer to our legacy API AIM documentation.



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