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Possible to use CIM for recurring billing for variable dates?

I have been scouring the web and these forums for hours trying to get a straight answer on this.


Can you use CIM to create a recurring transaction?  I don't mean you create 1 transaction then need to custom code an entire new system to replicate that transaction.  Is there anything built in to the api at all that actually lets me say "bill this person xx dollars once a month for 5 months"?


Variable dates are important too.  I can't even consider using the ARB because I have to be able to specify the time frame and time increments.


Please help!


It either ARB, or do custom scheduled job with CIM


ARB do both time frame and time increments, where do you see it differently?


I'm looking for a solution to the following scenario:


I want to set up an order to be billed every month for 5 specific months (say November - March). I was under the impression it is all or nothing with ARB.

The ARB documentation is here.

You can set the start date, interval, length, unit, Occurrences