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Problems with DOM on new app in new domain

I have been doing a VB6 to Dot Net conversion on a project. Because of sequencing, I have had to move the domain of the converted system.


Since moving from VB6 to Dot net I have been unable to get my application working with DPM.


The client is receiving this error:

The following errors have occurred.

(13) The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive.


I have checked the URL I am posting to,, many times.


I have checked my x_login entry several times, typing by hand and copying and pasting from the web site.


I have checked my encryption key value multiple times and I have generated a new encryption key and tried that


I have pointed my old application and my new application to a mirror page that just reports back my key-value pairs and I have gone through and cut and pasted between the new and old to make sure that no spelling has been changed.


I have taken the values from my page and entered them on the page at to verify that my value is being hashed correctly and that is matching.


I know my merchant login is not incorrect or inactive. 


Can anyone shed some light on what the problem might be here? Can anyone suggest any further tests I can perform that will give me an idea of exactly what my issue is? 


I am just using razor with indivudal pages. The output above is exactly what is making its way to the server. I redirected to my own service that just dumps back the pairs it receives.

I can think of 2 more thing to try

adding the best practice listed on the doc

or adding the x_tran_key like AIM (for testing) to see if it somehow think it running AIM and looking for x_tran_key

Thanks for the suggestions.Unfortunately, this still does not work.