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Production Certificate Upgrades begin May 26, 2015

Authorize.Net will upgrade and replace Production certificates for API services starting May 26, 2015. Technical details are provided for solutions connecting to Authorize.Net APIs that may need updates.


To see the full announcement, please see this blog post.

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We have a website hosted with Godaddy, on our website we take card payments for our different accounts for three different companies.  Well all stopped working after the upgrade, and as most I have spent lots of time trying to figure out why it was no longer working.  We don't have that many payments online, so it took us a few days to notice it was down.  I did not install any new certificates, as I was told to do from support at authorize, my website is with Godaddy, I don't even have access to the server it is on, I share it with other websites and Godaddy showed me the SHA-2 certificate for our site was there.  So I began looking through the code for our website, I found the payment processing code, looked through it, could not find at all where any certificates were installed or mentioned.  I did find the login IDs and the transaction keys.  I went to and generated new keys and installed them.  Then read on the forum here on page 13 of this post from Johnsmith.  He pointed me in the direction that I found my fix.  




This line of code was commented out, all I did to fix my problem was to remove the comments and BOOM it worked!


I hope this may help someone, and maybe will learn a big lesson from this mess!



Hello @ITDept


Setting Verify Peer to false isn't recommended and should only be used as a stopgap while you continue working to ensure your systems work. Peer validation is an important part of keeping your system fully compliant.


Some additional areas to examine with your hosting provider include making sure you are running on a current operating system that has all the necessary security pages and updates installed.



Hello everyone,


I am closing this thread.  If you have additional questions regarding certificate upgrades, please create a new message and provide as much detail as possible.