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Question regarding Direct Post Method - Migrating over from CyberSource

Currently with CyberSource, the payment process goes like this: • User fills in the fields in their browser and clicks a submit button. • User's browser sends an HTML POST to CyberSource. • CyberSource responds with the results in hidden fields in a form, with an onload that causes the form to post to our web server (the customer sets the URL for this is defined in the parameters in CyberSource's business center web site). • The web server gets the posted data and calls the web routine to record the results of the transaction. With authorize net, if I'm reading their spec right, the submit process works like this: A. User fills in the fields in the form and clicks a submit button. B. User's browser sends an HTML POST to the server. C. The server does a post directly to the site's web server. D. We send back a snipet of HTML that sends back to the user's browser to direct it back to the site's web server. E. responds to the pose the user's browser did in step B above with the code it got back from the sites web server in step D above. Which step in this process contains the data about the transactions (success/failed status, etc)? Step C or step E? This process is described in the DirectPost_guide.pdf file at the beginning of the Conceptial Overview section. The steps in the process I'm questioning are C and D in the pdf file.


1) You create a post to, containing the amount and other assorted fields.

2) processes the transaction, sending back data on the transaction success / fail

3) Your relay response page checks success / fail and generates a URL based on that, passing it back to

4) redirects

5) Your receipt page gives the final message to the customer


Personally, I don't understand why steps 3 and 4 are there, unless it's to mask the success URL, But I didn't program the system. In answer to your question, success / fail is available at step 3 and apparently also at step 5. The data is most likely to be available at step 3 - try logging $response to a text file using print_r (if using PHP) to see what it looks like.


Wish I could be more specific, I've looked at DPM but haven't actually used it yet, since I prefer something slightly more straightforward.