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Questions about AcceptUI.js

Hello Team,


I am doing some research on Accept.js with hosted payment form.

I am facing one inconsitent issue and along with that I have few queries :


Inconsitent issue:

When I click on Pay button from my page i got the blank loading pop up and never displays fields on that form. It display simply blank white form having spinning loader.After waiting of couple of minitues when I refresh the page and again click on Pay it successfully load the hosted payment form.

This issue only occurs first time when i load the application and lunch the application after that it works fine.





Few queries:

-How AVS works with accept js with hosted payment form approach ?

-If we hide firstname/lastname/zip code in hosted payment for then still can we use AVS feature?

-Does validation happens at first step (when payment nonce generates) or at the second step when actual payment data to be submitted ?


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Apologies for your inconvenience.


Unfortunately, this issue is inconsistent and happens due to a network lag. The first time you load the application after the browser cache is cleared, the browser will fetch all the files required from the server. Depending on the network, this might cause isues if there is any network lag.


To answer your queries,


  1. For any transaction, AVS check is conducted at the bank end. The billTo address and zipcode are mandatory fields that need to be passed in the request. Based on the bank response the merchant application can configure the system to either Allow or AllowAndReport or AuthorizeAndHold or Decline a transaction.
  2. The zipcode and address is mandatory for conducting AVS check.
  3. AVS validation does not happen in the first step when the payment nonce is created. It happens when the actual payment request is made to the server.
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Are there any workarounds for this?
Many of our customers are having this issue and we can't collect payment.