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Randomly starting receiving a 503 error on test sandbox from you yesterday

We started having issues yesterday morning with our developer site when submitting to through our test.sandbox. No one has touched system files or server settings and our production site running the same code is working just fine.


Our php error we are getting is:



(104)Connection reset by peer: AH01075: Error dispatching request to :, referer: {{Our submitting page link}}


On submission we are receving the 503 error: Service Temporarily Unavailable


Using dies to figure out which line of code is actually breaking, we found it was in our Authorize.php file that no one ever touches on this line:


$this->response = curl_exec($ch);

Our $ch var is using the sandbox url

I'd like to say its on your end because we havent touched anything but the part of the php log error saying "request to:," looks like that could be pointing to us? Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated, this issue has been going on for over 24 hours now.




Hi @PMDeveloper,


How are things going now? Are you still seeing the problem?


From the way you describe it, it appears that you're seeing a 503 error in your or the customer's browser when you try to go through the payment process, right? Or, are you actually logging that our server responded to you with a 503 error in response to your curl request?


The more likely scenario is that your script fires off the curl request ($this->response = curl_exec($ch);), something bad happens, and then your server can't finish processing the PHP script so then it returns a 503 code to the browser.


You can help this scenario by adding additional error handling code to both identify the error and to report a better error back to the browser.


As far as what might be happening that causes the curl request to fail, that could be a lot of things. Connection reset by peer indicates you never got a response from our side. Looking through connection test logs for March 9th, I don't see any failures that might indicate problems that day.


Has anything recently changed at the server level or network level for you? Any firewall or proxy configuration potentially getting in the way?

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