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Re-occurring donation

How do you create a re-occurring monthly donation transaction for a button leading into


Under the second section: Re-occurring Donations ~ Choose Preference:

and for the button under Specific Challenges:  $20.00 per month to provide for one child... 

Tell me it's easy! or tell me you can do it and I can outsource it to you.


Simple checkout only works for one-time payments, as far as I know. You -can- create recurring billing manually through the interface from a one-time transaction, but my guess is you'll need recurring billing integrated, which means implementing either AIM + ARB, or CIM. Either may be a bit of a challenge if you're fairly new to programming. I can probably implement for you for a reasonable fee, though what that fee is exactly depends on your needs, as in how you want to handle expired credit cards, people who want to cancel their subscription, etc. Will you be doing cancellations or credit card updates manually, and will it be enough if you can do that through your account control panel and/or a password-protected admin page on your site? Or should people get a link to a page where they can update their credit card info on failure?


ARB or regular CIM would also require buying an SSL certificate. Hosted CIM would not, since it takes people off your site for payment, but I'm assuming you don't care much about that since you're using Simple Checkout.