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Refund problem in American Express

Hello Friends,


When i try to refund with American Express it gives me below error.

54, The referenced transaction does not meet the criteria for issuing a credit.


This order is already settled because order was placed on 30th Oct 2010.


Same program code is working for all other credit cards while in all american express, we are not able to refund and getting above



Can you look into this matter as it is very serious issue for us.




You can only issue a credit if it's within 120 days of the original transaction date. I don't know why it would work for other cards, but that's probably why you're getting this error. You need to sign up for unlinked credit:


This transaction type is used to issue a refund for a transaction that was not originally submitted through the payment gateway. It also allows the merchant to override restrictions for submitting refunds for payment gateway transactions, for example, if the merchant is beyond the 120-day period for submitting a refund or would like to refund an amount that is greater than the original transaction amount.

The ability to submit unlinked credits is not a standard feature of a merchant’s payment gateway account. To be enabled for expanded credits capability (ECC), the merchant must submit an application, which can be found at: