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Remote access on mobile to connect to win terminal svc. RDP lic is required from MS ?

Hi there, If anyone came across the licensing concern from MS ? My solution is Mobile gateway appliance and it runs VMs on it. so mobile device users can connect to VM on appliance via VNC protocol now. we want to change protocol from VNC to RDP to allow mobile device users to connect to windows terminal services running on VM. Of course customer will purchase their own windows server license and CAL license for terminal services for mobile users. Then do we still need to obtain any license from MS ? What are the protocol do we need ? Is it RDP alone or any other protocol do we need ? Seeking your advice from scratch, Any one can advise where we can start from ? All we need is to connect from mobile agent to terminal service login screen.... appreciate your advice in advance. SH


Contact Microsoft, they would know if you need it or not.