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Ruby cim_trx.get_payment_profile always returns nil for street_address

suppose I retrieve a payment profile like so:


    payment_profile_response = cim_trx.get_payment_profile '11243870', '12229069'


The street address is present in the response xml at /getCustomerPaymentProfileResponse/paymentProfile/billTo/address.  This is verified by 


    puts payment_profile_response.xml.to_xml


However if I try to get that street address from the profile, it is always nil:


1.9.3p286 :021 > payment_profile_response.payment_profile.billing_address.street_address
=> nil


What's the problem?




Hi jemminger ,


The most likely problem is the order of execution that you are using. As is noted in the rubydocs for the get_payment_profile method, "If this transaction has already been run, this method will return nil." You must be sure that you are not trying to read the response after the fact.



Administrator Administrator

Hi Joy,


Read my original post again.  The transaction is clearly not nil, because I can view the address in the XML:


    puts payment_profile_response.xml.to_xml


It is the payment_profile_response.payment_profile.billing_address.street_address that is always nil.



Hi jemminger ,


We haven't heard of anyone else having this problem, perhaps someone else on the forums has encountered it and can suggest a solution for you.



This is reproducible 100% of the time:



require 'rubygems'
require 'authorize-net'


def transaction'secret', 'secret', :gateway => :test)


# Create a new Customer
profile =
:email => '',
:id => "Account_#{}"
response = transaction.create_profile(profile)
customer_id = response.profile_id


# Create a Payment Profile for the customer
credit_card ='4111111111111111', '0120')
billing_address =
:first_name => 'Joe',
:last_name => 'Blow',
:street_address => '1234 Main St.',
:city => 'Here',
:state => 'ST',
:zip => '90210'
payment_profile =
:billing_address => billing_address,
:payment_method => credit_card
response = transaction.create_payment_profile(payment_profile, customer_id)
payment_profile_id = response.payment_profile_id


# Now let's look that Payment Profile up
payment_profile_response = transaction.get_payment_profile payment_profile_id, customer_id


xml = payment_profile_response.xml.to_xml
street_address = payment_profile_response.payment_profile.billing_address.street_address


puts "
xml: #{xml}

street_address: #{street_address.inspect}


puts "
Is the street address '1234 Main St' present in the XML? #{xml.include?('1234 Main St')}

Is the street_address property of the billing_address present? #{!street_address.nil?}