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SIM Payment form footer won't save but works in sandbox. Javascript problem?

I have a footer in my sandbox that loads a 1x1 image, and uses an onLoad to run javascript that customizes the feel of the SIM payment form. This has been working in my developer sandbox for a few weeks now. I'm in the process of migrating my work from development to live. When I paste the footer into my real authnet account, the system refuses to save it. It gives the error:

The following error(s) occurred:
Header and Footer may contain invalid markup, please review the HTML and retry.


The exact same code is live and working in the sandbox. However if I go in to the Footer settings in my sandbox and re-save the code that is already in the box, it errors out as above.


Did the permitted javascript change some time after I first created my sandbox's Footer? Is there some documentation on what html/javascript is invalid for the footer and header boxes?


This is my code(form complained of invalid html when using "Insert Code" button):

<img src="" onLoad="document.getElementById('tableCustomerShippingHeading').rows[0].cells[0].innerHTML='Other Information';el=document.getElementById('trChkCopyBill');el.parentNode.removeChild(el);" />



Thank you for your assistance,

Jason Pierce


Look that way, I just try it. and everything with <script /> turn to <noscript />


My first attempt was using <script> tags, and like your experiment I found they got transformed into <noscript>. The onLoad trick had been working until this week. And the "existing" onLoad html in my developer account still works as well but can't be modified/updated.