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SIM Returning Denied Card But Card Is Charged!

I'm using SIM and I get periods where I get denials of credit cards but they're still being charged. Customer's real upset. Why does that happen?


So you are using AIM and not SIM. It still doesn't explain the 0 transactionID. And how did you find the transaction on the merchant account?

Might need to call support with the transactionID you got from the merchant account and see if they see anything different then the response you received.

It's SIM. I use the post method and send the Url with the values and then parse the response code. I only save keys in the array that have values (as a way of saving space in the DB).

Are there scenarios where a valid credit card submission would fail?

yes, here is the list of possible response


Were you able to find out if the problem is code issue or issue?

Yes. I already have this link up. The problem is I've records declines from the service for invalid card numbers and duplicate transactions. The problem is that the user's are reporting that their cards are still being charged.

Did you contact support with the transactionID for the invalid card number and duplicate transactions to see if they see any problem?

No. The business user ended up voiding transaction for the customer. Even worse is that not all the declines were logged in Authorize.Net. Many times it's an immediate bounce back to a denial.


When you list

Sure do! Here's a list of values I captured:

The credit card number is invalid.

Is the 0 the transactionID?, if so, it will not be logged in because it didn't create a transaction.

What is that XXXX)(&?


Do you log when ther customer start a SIM? Maybe they click the submit mulitple time when they are on the CC entry form? And first one when thru and the second one become duplicate error?


edited. I just try to click it mulitple time and it did get a "This transaction cannot be accepted" error 97. So that not the same as your problem. Do you logged the date time the transaction happened?

Do you have x_relay_always set to true?


Just try to understand how it might happened.

1)First SIM CC Entry. they enter wrong CC#

2)Second SIM CC Entry. Submit OK???

3)Somehow they get to SIM CC Entry a third time with the same invoice? but different x_fp_hash and get duplicate error??

x_relay_always is set to false. Should it be true?


Good thing I time stamped the denails. They happen at exactly the same time. Here's the entries in the log:

Local Time ResponseValue
2012-12-20 16:34:56.000 The credit card number is invalid.
2012-12-20 16:34:56.000 The credit card number is invalid.
2012-12-20 16:34:57.000 The credit card number is invalid.

2012-12-21 15:41:25.000 A duplicate transaction has been submitted.
2012-12-21 15:42:07.000 A duplicate transaction has been submitted.
2012-12-21 15:43:09.000 A duplicate transaction has been submitted.