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SIM: two problems

Hi all,


Working with SIM right not.  After posting the transaction, I get a copy of email receipt.  That's great.  BUT, my Relay Response URL gets two hits, inserting two identical information into my database.  Also, the result never goes to the receipt page that I set up.  Instead it returns "0" on the screen.


Any help to solve these problems is appreciate.





If the the relay response page did get called, how does it go to your receipt page?


Thank you for your reply.


I am using


<input type='hidden' name="x_type" value="AUTH_CAPTURE">


>If the the relay response page did get called, how does it go to your receipt page?


The relay response gets two hits (in my database I get two identical entries), while the "" page times out and spits out error "0".  It just does not move onto the receipt page I specify.

Are you using the SDKs code and make change to it? Might help if you can post your code.

I'm using something like this.

<form method='post' action="">
<input type='hidden' name="x_login" value="<?php echo $api_login_id?>" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_fp_hash" value="<?php echo $fingerprint?>" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_amount" value="<?php echo $amount?>" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_fp_timestamp" value="<?php echo $fp_timestamp?>" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_fp_sequence" value="<?php echo $fp_sequence?>" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_version" value="3.1">
<input type='hidden' name="x_show_form" value="payment_form">
<input type='hidden' name="x_test_request" value="false" />
<input type='hidden' name="x_method" value="cc">
<input type='hidden' name="x_type" value="AUTH_CAPTURE">
<input type='hidden' name="x_cust_id" value="123456789">
<input type='hidden' name="x_relay_response" VALUE="TRUE">
<input type='submit' value="Click here for the secure payment form">

 It makes no difference whether if I set the relay address or receipt address in the code or not.  I still get two hits on my relay and "0" returned as it times out.


I also tried the SDK code, too.  I still get the same result.

Could be something in your relay page. not sure why you would get 2 hits. and what is the "0" coming from?

Just found out why I was getting two hits into my database.  I had "Silent Post URL" and "Relay Response" URL going to the same URL.  


Still trying to figure out why "" is timing out with "0" before going to the receipt page.  Neither default receipt nor custom receipt works.

If it timeout in relay response

You would have see

An error occurred while trying to report this transaction to the merchant. An e-mail has been sent to the merchant informing them of the error. The following is a result of the attempt to charge your credit card.


Relay Response Basics and Troubleshooting


But then you said it going to the receipt page, so you are redirect to a different page?

Which default receipt page? the one where you set x_relay_response to 'false"