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SSL: Drupal Commerce Multi-Site Deployment with Two accounts



I am hoping this is not an off-topic post and I offer my apologies if it is.


I was hoping I could get some feedback on the SSL set up for a Drupal Commerce multi-site deployment we have coming up this week. 


Basically what we have is a multi-site build of Drupal Commerce for a client that has two completely separate corporate businesses and will be using two separate accounts using AIM. We have prep the server with two dedicated IP addresses for each domain and will be hosting in one single server. 


I was wondering what is the best approach as far as SSL regarding I see a lot of posts dealing with SSL, but so far I cannot see any regarding multisite. 


Our plan so far is as simple as setting up two Instant SSL Certificates from Comodo one for each domain. 


Would this suffice for our needs? Any foreable problems? Any recommendations?


Thanks for your feedback, and again, my apologies for this somewhat noobish question. 





I'm not sure I understand what type of issue you are anticipating here.  Authorize.Net actually never reads your SSL certificate unless you are using Relay Response as a part of SIM or DPM.  Even in these circumstances, you will only see errors if your relay response URL is using an invalid SSL certificate.


In short, as long as your SSL is valid for the URLs that you are using, then there won't be any issues.

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