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Sample PHP script for webhooks notification listener page?

I've been trying for the past few days to get webhooks authcapture notifications to work for credit card payments using sandbox mode.   My webhook url listener page never seems to receive data from though after successful transactions.   I'm using the Hosted Payment page that opens as a new window (not the iframe version).  It works fine.


I'm somewhat new to this type of integration so I was wondering if there was a functioning PHP script that someone would be willing to share that I could use as a starting point.   (There are little snippets of code in the documentation but nothing I've seen that's even remotely close to showing the entire process.)


*****  THINGS I'VE DONE SO FAR *************************

1.  Signed up for webhooks and subscribed to all event types just to insure I'd get the one or two that are relevant for testing.

2.  I have signature keys, transaction keys, etc...

3.  Built my system to use the hosted payment page to open in a new window.  It works fine and sends me email notification when credit card (authcapture) transactions complete.

4. I can send a command to to see what webhook event types I've subscribed to and that works fine too.

5.  Set the sandbox to live mode.

6.  Made what I think should be a functional PHP listener URL for my webhooks.  I have made it super simple to begin with.  All it does initially is immediately write a timestamped record to a database when the page is called.  That works fine when I call it from external to my server.  


Problem:  The listener page never shows that its accessed after successful transactions.   Hence I'd like to see how other people do this.


Thanks in Advance


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