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Send product information to PayPal Express Checkout with PHP SDK

Hello devs!

I'm freaking out with a "must be" easy thing to do that I'm not being able to accomplish.

Is it possible to set the product info to replace the default one "Price of products purchased" like here? 

Right now I'm trying to do this with this code calling AuthorizeAndCapture:

$lineItem->setName("Product name should be here");
$lineItem->setDescription("Product description");
//$lineItem->setTaxable(false); //throws error when passing either true, false, 1, 0, Y, N
$lineItem_Array[] = $lineItem;
I can see the prodcut name and description on AN dashboard when I click on "Show Itemized Order Information" of a transaction, but I'd like to have it on PayPal checkout instead.
Any idea?
Thank you in advance!