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Sending money to variable owners



I can use either Server or Advanced Integration API. What I want to accomplish is where the payment from one user would be sent to another user. For example, let's imagine this scenario


Owner 1 owns Item A

Owner 2 owns Item B


User 1 purchases Item A and wants to pay Owner 1

User purchases Item B and wants to pay Owner 2


I could only find examples where the payment is sent to one owner, the one configured in as the Merchant. However, I would like a way to send it to any number of users who provide their bank account. Is this possible? Would I have to first send the payment to my merchant account and then send it out to the user? Is this part of or will I have to roll something else in addition?




Money transfers are not what is designed to do. What you need to do is talk to your bank about getting set up with some sort of electronic interface for the ACH (Automated Clearing House).


Thank you for a concise reply.