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Set the Income Account with each item sent to

I am using the SIM version and coding in PHP.
I would like to know how to send the processor the Income Account information for an item. I know that I can send in itemized order information and merchant defined fields but how specifically do I send in a value for the Income Account?

Currently this value is a default in the virtual terminal and although I can send in an item number, name, desc, etc. I am not sure how to send in the value for an Income account.

I need to do this so that the .iif file that is downloaded from will have the right account so that when it gets uploaded into quickbooks everything will go where it should instead of being dumped into one default bucket.



You can specify the Income Account in your QuickBooks Download Report Settings in your Authorize.Net account merchant interface.



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Trusted Contributor
Trusted Contributor

What if the income account differs, depending on the product/service? What if I Need to specify an income account in the transaction details? How coul I do that using the AIM?