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Recurring Payments -Need some guidance



We are new to and are struggling a bit to design a recurring payment solution to fit our needs. We did do a little research on CIM and ARB api's but not really sure if they fit our scenario.


Our scenario:


--Users register for our site and signs up for a monthly or yearly recurring subscription

--Users get a 30 trial period for the subscription free

--We'd prefer not to store Credit Card info in our database

--After the free period of 30 days, the user's card gets charged

--The user can cancel subscription anytime
--The user can update payment info via our site at any time
--The user should be notified via email when/if:
     1. Card is charged successfully
     2. Card transaction failed on renewal, at which time they must change their billing info and run the charge again
--Also, we need to check their access on logging into the site to make sure their subscription is still active

This could all be done, obviously, using a custom-written background process on our side. However, like I said, we'd like to avoid storing card info locally. Also, if any of the api's can do all/most of the legwork for us, we'd like to take advantage of them.


Any insight would be greatly appreciated!