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Silent Post (ARB) - Will This Work On Test Accounts?

Forgive me, I had to ask this as well. I couldn't confirm this via research so maybe I overlooked this somehow. I just want to make sure that, while I use my test account for ARB, the reason my silent posts are not receiving any updates is because it's a test account Is that correct?

For the record, I entered a url in the 'silent post' url field and tried to start/cancel subscriptions and it never was updated. If the page was visted, I would have received a test email to show me some activity.




The relevant documentation states, quite explicitly, that the ARB Silent Post feature does not work with Test accounts; see the second note on page 20 of the ARB Manual (rev. 6/3/2011):


"Test environment accounts do not process ARB subscription transactions. If you are using a test environment account, you will not receive these email notifications in any form. You will also not be able to receive an ARB subscription transaction Silent Post while using a test environment account."


Your question is reasonable, however, given that the same note states that Test accounts will not receive ARB subscription transaction email notifcations (I seem to receive such email messages).