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Simple Checkout security code problem

I'm trying to implement to accept payments on our site and need to get something up very quickly. After trying to get DPM working for a while I decided to try simple checkout. Although this is not really ideal, I was hoping it would be simple to get up and running then I could return to DPM later. I made a test item on and then copied the code into a test page on our development server. The button appears on our site as I expected, but the next page ( has the item order information as expected, but also a security code. There is a broken image with the text "Please enter the security code above." under it. The image is broken in IE and Chrome and in FireFox just says "Security Code". I can't get any further in seeing if this will work for us at least in the short term as I cannot get past entering the security code.


Has anyone else had this problem? If so, how can the captcha be disabled or displayed correctly.




Log into your control panel. Go to Settings -> Transaction Format Settings -> Transaction Submission Settings -> Payment Form -> Form Fields.


Thanks, but that doesn't seem to affect Simple Checkout.  The checkbox "Require the Security Code feature on the Payment Form." was not checked and the page in the preview looks quite a bit different than the page the Simple Checkout code is posting to (


It seems odd that the captcha is coming up as a broken image and only the Order Information and the Security Code are being displayed on the CatalogPayment.aspx page.  I thought perhaps the next page would contain the fields needed for payment, but I haven't been able to access them due to the broken captcha image.


Could this just be a problem on  Maybe I should try our live server...but I would rather find out if this method is even worth pursuing on the test server first.




Hmm. I just tested and I'm having that problem with my test item as well. I would guess this is only a test server issue - things are often not working properly on the test server - and the rest of the form fields are on the next page. Don't know why the form settings wouldn't apply to Simple Checkout as well, but if that's the way things are, then that's the way things are.


Like what TJPride mentioned, this is only happening on test accounts. The work around for this is to check the option under the Settings Page -  Payment Form fields and enable Require the Security Code feature on the Payment Form.


Administrator Administrator

Well, that makes no logical sense, but it worked.