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Single Auth Only but multiple Captures?

First of all, it is not possible to do a single auth only transaction and then later capture the total amount in several transactions, correct?  That is how it seems according to the documentation.


The website I am working on has a single checkout but has the ability to send multiple shipments. They want to bill/capture the credit card when each item is shipped, which could be days or weeks apart.


So is the best way to handle this to make several auth_only transactions, one for each package and then capture them individually?  I am concerned that this could get very complicated if the customer is near their credit limit and only part of the order could be authorized. I doubt that would be a common occurrence but I am trying to think of everything.


Or can I void the original auth only and then do an auth capture each time a package is sent and hope the customer doesn't go over his limit, or cancel the card etc.


Am I missing some other option?


Hello @vtkaren 


Based on your use case, I would recommend you explore using Authorize a Card and create a customer profile at the same time.  This would allow you to perform a priorAuthCapture for one item, and then Charge a Customer Profile.



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