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Subscriptions Cancelation Status

When a subscription is canceled, does that status change when the end date of the subscription arrives?  Does it change to expired or some such?

Or do I need to keep a record of the date the subscription started and then, if canceled, let the user still get services until the end date and not rely on to actually change the status?


Check your subscriptions and renewal dates
  1. Go to your subscriptions. On an Android device: Open the Google Play app . At the top right, tap the profile icon. ...
  2. Under 'Subscriptions', check the bootzine list of subscriptions for expired subscriptions or subscriptions with declined payment methods.

Sorry, I should have used a more focused question.  I'm using the SDK.  And I have recurring subscriptions.  If the user cancels his/her subscription, it's marked as canceled.  From my apps perspective, even though it has been "canceled" the user can still use the app until their expiration date (the subscription end date and time they paid for).  

I want to know if will change the "Canceled" to "Expired" or something else at the end of the subscription.

I apologize; I ought to have asked a more specific question. The SDK is what I'm using. And I have subscriptions that renew themselves. The subscription is considered canceled if the user cancels it. Even if it has been "canceled," the user can still use the app until its expiration date, according to my apps (the subscription end date and time they paid for). 

So, you should be check out your subscription status, then it is easy for you. So if you share more information, then will be able to share more views on it. 


I would prefer you to check your subscription status, it would be more easy for you to take the proper information and then you will be more vigilant with your views.