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Test card numbers in production

I'd like to test a successful transaction for echeck and credit card in a production evnironment. Is this possible? I've seen posts about test credit cards but they appear not to work in the prodution environment. When i put production in 'Test mode', i get a response back stating 'Cannot process transaction as gateway is in test mode' or a similar message,


Do I need to run an actual card through and cancel the transaction?




If you run a test card or echeck in test mode it should go through just like it does using a test account on a developer server. If you want to receive an approval on a live account you will want to run a real credit card or check through your system and then void the transaction.

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Test mode on a production account is not as useful as live mode on a developer (sandbox) account. My advice is to get a developer account and then just set the ID, key, and sandbox variables on the page you're testing with.