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Testing ARB subscriptions with Silent Post

Hi all,


We are trying to build a Salesforce (Apex) integration with Silent Post that captures when new transactions are posted from ARB subscriptions. The problem we're having is testing it.


Are there any tools that will allow us to test the Silent Post with subscriptions in a timely manner, so we don't have to wait for a new transaction to post related to each subscription? 


Also, can you please verify that subscription-related transactions will hit Silent Post, and that when they do they include a Subscription ID as well as the Transaction ID?


Thanks very much for any help/guidance you can give,

Francis Scudellari


Queue one transaction, log the contents of $_POST (assuming you're using PHP). Then use that as the basis for simulating further posts using a regular HTML form with hidden fields. Or at least that's what I did.


The specific subscription ID field is x_subscription_id.