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Turn Transaction Into Recurring Subscription via API

How can I take a transaction ID, and turn that transaction into a subscription from the API in PHP? In the back-end you just click the "Create ARB Subscription from Transaction" link in the upper right hand corner of transaction details box, and it links you to a page to create it. wondering how to do this via the API. Thanks for any help!


There isn't one via the API.

ok then now the question would be, how do i get the profile ID/payment profile ID for a customer, using the transaction ID?

You don't.  Unless you have a unique order info like the invoice# or purchase order# that you can reference back to the profileID/payment profile ID by using the

Yep I do have the invoice number, but when using "getTransactionDetails" I don't see the profile ID/payment profile ID being returned. Should I be using something other than "getTransactionDetails"? And thanks for your help so far I appreciate it :)

The profile id are not return, it not save within the transaction.  I was thinking you might have saved the id with the invoice# or something in your own database.

Oh see that's the problem, the transaction is done via a third party. We use a booking service called Checkfront, and they process the payment using their add-on module, on their end. All they save is the transaction ID I see so far for, and the invoice #.

So you have no way to cross ref from the invoice# and profile id? that would be a problem.

yea it is a problem. if I can't get checkfront to either pass it to the "refId" field, or store it for me, then I think I will just match the first and last name, and maybe some other information to find it using both the "getCustomerProfileIds" and "getCustomerProfile" functions. doubt anyone will have same first and last name and billing address as another :P

Surely there is some way to create an ARB subscription from an existing transaction? Anyone been able to accomplish this?