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Turn Transaction Into Recurring Subscription via API

How can I take a transaction ID, and turn that transaction into a subscription from the API in PHP? In the back-end you just click the "Create ARB Subscription from Transaction" link in the upper right hand corner of transaction details box, and it links you to a page to create it. wondering how to do this via the API. Thanks for any help!


Was anyone ever able to find a solution to the original question?   If logged in on the website you can of course create a new ARB subscription from an existing transaction, so I was really hoping it would be possible from the API as well by now.


ARBCreateSubscriptionRequest ( ) requires "customerProfileId" and "customerPaymentProfileId" if the credit card is no longer present.  A getTransactionDetailsRequest ( ) is supposed to return those details inside the "profile" section, but there is no such profile section sent back.


It would be great to find a solution to this.