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Update Payment profile CIM


i am wondering about update payment profile.

i just want update payment profile without reenter the creditcard number.

 If I send a masked credit car number pad with xxxx and XXXX like (eg : xxxx1234,XXXX,3456)

it returns the following error "cardNumber is required and must be 13 to 16 digits".


I am using "updateCustomerPaymentProfileRequest."


Class file : authorizenet.cim.class.php


Please kindly help me..................

Thanks in advance........

Thank you


The system is expecting a 16 character value.


Adding commas is increasing that number.


so xxxx,1234,xxxx,4567  is actually 19 characters, not 16.

Additionally,  if you put numerals in any position other than the last four spots,  it will throw an error because the system will think you are trying to change the credit card number.


xxxxxxxxxxxx4567  is the correct format.   You get the 4567 part from the parsed return from the system when you request the stored information about that account.    If it comes back as XXXX2975  then you would have to pass back xxxxxxxxxxxx2975 for the system to recognize it.


Even if you had 12 of the 16 actual numbers in the credit card,  for instance you have xxxx123456789012,  you still can't pass it to the system like that.   It has to be xxxxxxxxxxxx9012


The only instance where you would send more than that would be if you were attempting to change the entire credit card number,  but using the usual methods through AuthNet (unless you gather that information locally before sending it to authnet)  you'll never have the full number anyway.


Hope that helped,



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Hi thanks for your reply.


This is my edit form.

I have enter the credit card number like what you have mentioned in reply. But still i am getting error.

Please help me I am tried to solve this problem on past one month

please help me.................


Thanks in advance

Thank you.....