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ARB and Test Accounts

Two years ago, I developed a credit card processing form using the AIM version. I'm now asked to build one for ARB(recurring billing)... question...


can I re-use the same test account to do some testing?


I read in the ARB pdf that I must request that the account be associated with ARB in order to fully test that. Reading further, I was going to set up a new test account but realized that there's no comment box to say "arb testing" as instructed in the PDF.


Can anyone advise quickly? I'm eager to start testing my ARB form.


Hey danm,


Yes you should be able to use your old test account, however, back then we didn't automatically enable ARB on the accounts--so it may not work. It would probably be better to get a new one which will have what you need enabled by default. Just go to our test account application page at and you can get a new one in a matter of minutes. Just be sure you select Card Not Present to get the right type of account.




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Is it possible to integrate the silent post option in Test mode for ARB? If Yes where I can do it in my account?


thank you



Hi Sathish, 


No, if you check out page 20 of the ARB guide, you'll see that silent post does not work in test accounts.


Hope that helps.



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When I wanted to test my subscription, I just printed out the result and/or checked the subscription in the account interface. Here's my code (PHP API):


    $authorize = new AuthorizeNetARB(
        $GLOBALS['_authorize_id'], $GLOBALS['_authorize_key']);

    $subscription = new AuthorizeNet_Subscription;

    $subscription->customerId = $idn;

    $subscription->billToFirstName = $_POST['first'];
    $subscription->billToLastName = $_POST['last'];
    $subscription->billToCompany = $_POST['company'];
    $subscription->billToAddress = $_POST['address'];
    $subscription->billToCity = $_POST['city'];
    $subscription->billToState = $_POST['state'];
    $subscription->billToZip = $_POST['zip'];
    $subscription->billToCountry = 'US';

    $subscription->customerPhoneNumber = $_POST['phone'];
    $subscription->customerEmail = $_POST['email'];

    $subscription->name = "{$_POST['type']} Subscription";
    $subscription->orderDescription = 'For x services';
    $subscription->amount = $_POST['price'];

    $subscription->startDate = $_POST['payment_due'];
    $subscription->intervalLength = '1';
    $subscription->intervalUnit = 'months';
    $subscription->totalOccurrences = '9999';

    $subscription->creditCardCardNumber = $_POST['card_number'];
    $subscription->creditCardExpirationDate = sprintf('%04d-%02d', $_POST['card_exp_year'], $_POST['card_exp_month']);
    $subscription->creditCardCardCode = $_POST['card_ccv'];

    $result = $authorize->createSubscription($subscription);

    if ($result->xml->messages->resultCode != 'Ok')
        $badarb = "Recurring billing could not be initiated - {$result->xml->messages->message->text}";

        // Subscription successful, add record to db

 Easy to change that to just print_r($result) to get a look at the output. Keep in mind that when using the sandbox, you probably need to use a CCV value of 900 rather than a real value.