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Using DPM for 25% deposit and balance for remainder on another date

I have built a small booking engine for a adventure company.  In this situation, I am taking a deposit on a trip of 25% of the total cost.  I am unsure of how to autothorize the transaction and process the credit card for the deposit and hold the balance open without having to re-enter the card information upon final payment.  It doesn't appear to fit the "partial payment" (x_allow_partial_auth) model nor the "reoccuring payment" either.  I am not using CIM and don't require this functionality as it is already built into the booking engine.




Inital booking of the trip

Book Date: June 10, 2012 

Trip Date: October 12, 2012

Trip Cost Total:  $100

Payment: 25%

Amount Paid: $25.00


Balance Due 7 Days before the trip

Balance Payment: October 5, 2012

Trip Cost Total: $100

Balance Due: $75.00

Amount Paid: $75.00 (we need to post the card without re-entering the credit card information if the customer doesn't pay in full)





It is not possible to run a second transaction without re-entering the card data.  You could use CIM to do this because CIM allows you to store the card data within Authorize.Net. You mentioned that your tool already provides CIM functionality, if that means that it is storing the card number, then I am unsure of what the issue is here.

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