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Using invoice number to pay from my website.

Hello dudes,

I am new to development, and recently one of my N.A. clients asked me to add a buttom named: 'Click here to pay your invoice' to his website.


I'd need to take the user to a form page with the following fields:

a.  Invoice number(*required); b. Auction name; c. Your name *; d.Address *; e.Phone number *; f.Email address *; g.Card info *; h.Exp date *; i.CVV2 *


Upon submission, run the card through  If supports telling us if a transaction was successful or not, display a message and send the e-mail confirmation.


As you see, user wont specify an amout of money to be paid, it must be pulled from the open invoices I have.


So here is the deal, seems pretty simple describing, but seems not when looking at all the APIs, none of those seems to have the solution i need.


Doesn't we have a way to pay using only the invoice number?

I couldn't find it looking at this community and neither looking at the APIs.


Appreciate your help guys!


If you're using SIM, you can go into your control panel and turn off virtually all the fields on the payment form. If you're using AIM or DPM, where the field data is supplied by you entirely, you can pass a minimum of fields (card number, expiration date, and amount, plus login / security fields).


Short answer - yes, you can pay with just amount, credit card fields, and invoice number. I would suggest starting by getting a developer account (see my signature) and trying out SIM and DPM. AIM is more for retail card-swiping situations.