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Visa Debit not working, all cards declined


We're a new merchant and we're trying to process Visa Debit but no matter what cards we try the transaction is always declined. This is by VT or API.

 1. We sent the full card number and expiary

 2. We've included the full billing info
 3. We've included the CCV

Yet always declined. We called our banks (tried both TD Canada and RBC) without much luck, all they say is they never see the transaction. We were successful in purcasing and refunding from and there are tousands of dollars in each account.


Do we need to include more? Any expert advice on the subject would be appreciated.


Hello @expresspotato


If you're experiencing this issue with your live production site, you should contact customer support.  They are available 24x7 to assist you.


If this is with a sandbox account, could you provide more details?



Administrator Administrator

It's in production.


Called into support all they said was it is declined by either Elavon or the issuing bank. Will reach out to them and see.

Issuing bank said they never saw the transaction, so must be Elavon... My sales rep has reached out to them waiting to hear back.