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Voiding electronic refunds

How do we void out a refund if a refund was submitted by accident?

I imagine that the process would be different depending on whether or not the transaction has been posted.


A refund (or any transaction type) can be voided before it settles either via API or through the Merchant Interface.


If it is settled then it cannot be voided. If a reversal of the refund is required then charge the customer again using the same payment method. There is a really easy way to do this in the MINT via the Rebillable Transactions feature.

Administrator Administrator

Voiding a refund is the same as voiding a normal transaction. However, as stated above, you can only void a refund before it settles.


Once it settles, it would be a matter of contacting your merchant account provider to cancel the refund if possible - or recharging the customer for the wrongly refunded amount.


The specific scenario I was most curious about was "once the transaction settles".  I figured recharging the customer for the wrongly refunded amount would be the answer.


Has anyone dealt with this in conjunction with Salesforce Billing?  If so, do you just make another payment transaction in Salesforce?  And if that is what you are supposed to do, what do you do with the recently reversed Refund record in Salesforce and the reallocated money back to the payment and invoice?