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Webhooks "created" vs completed




I am trying to simplify my client's admin functions. As of now they have an admin page on the backend of my application with order details, and also the merchant interface with authorize. 


I'm adding all core functionality of the merchant interface into my backend, as there are some things my client needs that potentially cannot be passed to authorize due to the unique nature of their business (their orders sometimes require detailed messages from customers and although it is unlikely, I want to leave open the possibility that the message exceeds the 255 characters permitted by item description, etc. setting values).


Our intial API call we do an authonly. My client then does the capture on the merchant interface. I am building in the capture, void, and refund on our backend.  For my client's purposes, I believe it would be helpful for them to know when these events have successfully processed. One contact I work with mentioned the other day that she was a little confused by the "Captured- Pending Settlement" or some such status a transaction was in after she clicked capture.


My question are-


1) When we enroll in events, say for instance a priorauthcapture.created, is there any way to get a webhooks notification to let us know when the transaction moves out of "Pending Settlement" mode? Would capture.created do this? 


2) Is the same possible for refund or void, if applicable?


3) Alternatively, if webhooks cannot do this, can we retrieve the status in a getTransactionDetails method call, in a way that would differentiate "Pending Settlement" from "Settlement complete" or whatever the subsequent status is? That would be almost as optimial a solution as getting the webhooks. 



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Answer to #3 is yes. Please only answer #'s 1 and 2. 

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